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Cabinet quartz countertops cracking should choose to replace or repair?

Jan 30, 2018

The countertops of cabinets directly affect the service life of cabinets, the countertops materials commonly used in the market are man-made stone, quartz stone, natural stone and stainless steel, while the most popular is the quartz stone countertops. Because quartz has many advantages such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, impermeability and nontoxicity, but the price of quartz stone is also the highest. In addition, decoration must be spent money. Many people choose the materials of countertops are often reluctant to spend money. They always feel the same name of the material quality should be similar. However, cracking often occurs in less than a year after use.


Cracking in the table, find businesses are often "kick the ball", but the problem must be solved, is to repair or replace the new countertops. Quartz stone brand products manufacturers have one year warranty, if in the warranty period, it is the plate or processing issues, it will be replaced free of charge, after all, people will not because of this trivial hit their own brand. If there are businesses each other "kick the ball" can imagine the purchase you did not guarantee that you are buying is a low-cost product.


Cracking in the end after that is to replace or repair it? If it is cheap to buy we suggest that you still directly replace the good, because this plate may have potential safety problems, the human body has some damage. If you buy the brand quartz stone and it is in the warranty period, you absolutely do not have to worry about, because the manufacturer will give you a direct replacement. If used improperly or after the warranty period should be based on the degree of cracking to choose. If the length of cracking does not reach 20cm can be repaired, maintenance should be looking for professionals to operate. Please do not operate it by yourself.