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Artificial stone processing quality

Feb 03, 2016

Whatever we do, as long as the intention is not difficult work, artificial stone stone is also true, it does not how high technical knowledge, but it can not ignore every detail.

In the artificial stone stone processing, each step requires special attention, starting with the selection of blocks, you want good quality stone, there is no lack of good material is good stone. Select from stone blocks required integrity and color of the stone to start, only to ensure both good, but also the first step even detailed schedule.

During processing need to choose quality blades and high-end CNC cutting machine, the computer automatically grinder. Use some good quality processing equipment, do not use the machine with a mechanical grease or rust has been born, so the stone itself can also cause damage.

The next step is quality control, quality control is essential stone, a lot of businesses think it will cost a lot of money, we do not completely, then if we do not have good transportation to the processing directly through the quality control process of the client side, the quality of rare in non-compliance, so that customers will not trust, and even can not be used, this is the biggest loss for the manufacturers.

The last point is the packaging of the stone, the stone can not feel ignored, unlike other items packaging fine, although the stone hard material, but can also occur during transport edges the possibility of damage, so, in order to complete the stone safer sales, you need to man-made stone stone careful packaging.