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Artificial stone or quartz? Only the right is the best

Feb 03, 2016

It used to be pure acrylic, composite acrylic, pure aluminum plates and calcium powder board collectively referred to as artificial stone. The best is pure acrylic artificial stone, followed by composite acrylic. Home Improvement is preferable to use a composite material of acrylic or above, to ensure easy penetration deformation and cracking. Artificial stone processing handsome in appearance, mainly after curved retaining and absolute and seamless connection, special processing, and toughness is good, pure acrylic optimum. Artificial stone easy to fix problems after, after a long time, will be able to re-polished bright as new. But the artificial stone in hardness slightly worse than quartz, such as rough objects rubbing on the table, the table is easy to destroy brightness, while heat resistance is less than quartz.

In fact, quartz are also artificial stone, through the device made out of artificial stone. Places of natural quartz and quartz stone as the main material, and add mixed unsaturated resin, mineral pigments, complexing agent, and other additives made. Quartz stone hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance than the artificial stone to some excellent, but whether it is or artificial stone quartz stone, can not be directly hot pan on the table. Quartz stone in more aspects, although better than man-made stone, quartz stone, but also because of its hardness and density, do not seamless, complex modeling is not easy to do, so a single shape, when you bump the problem is not easy to fix.