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Artificial stone for you to create the perfect kitchen

Feb 03, 2016

Cabinets use is now a necessity for home decoration. So how to create a logical pattern is very important, then how to create a new cabinet layout:

1, to leave enough space between the sink and stove use to 800mm or more appropriate, but it should not be too far away, so that when manipulated back and forth back and forth.

2, pay attention to rational allocation of parts, although the cabinet accessories variety, but for every kitchen accessories and different, can reach using convenient, functional can be.

3, stove and try not to stick a set of spacers to avoid the pot along with the walls and other conflict.

4, pay attention to the socket outlet placeholder, between wall cabinets and countertops to a position away from the sink, refrigerator outlet is preferably set in the positive side of the wall or on the side, as well as microwave ovens, range hood, disinfecting cabinet, oven and so on.

5, the side wall cupboard must consider protrusion door line, avoiding doors, drawers and basket opening and closing affected.

6, junction mesa corner area must have a reasonable range, to avoid breakage caused by impact forces.

7, the drain position, Sheung Shui pipeline preferably not less than 400mm, to facilitate the convergence of faucets, water pipes height should not exceed 100mm or less than 200mm, so that when you install the cabinet, moving to reduce cabinet saws to the minimum. Since the bottom of the cabinet has adjustable feet, the position of the base plate is generally between 100mm to 140mm.

8, smoke pipes Anton methods:

First, before paving the ceiling, it is best to smoke the pipe in the ceiling and set internal seal lip, calculate the position of the outlet hood hanging out; the second is to settle in the lower ceiling, wall cabinets installed after using the cap plate to block, using this form of the condition is the wind crossing from the positive wall must not exceed 300mm appropriate.

9, the rectification of the gas pipeline, which requires coordination with the Company, it is preferable that the outlet pipe with the intake main pipe in parallel, try to ensure that the pipeline is reduced board area in the table, the table to expand the use of the area, ahead of the gas pipeline rectification facilitate dredging cabinet openings.

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